What makes Town Hill Auto Sales and Service different from other “Used Car Dealers”?

Our People!

We are a family owned and operated business in Bedford. You are working with a group of people who REALLY DO LOVE THEIR JOB! We consider our staff as the “main” thing that separates us from the competition... and it shows! Lots of businesses say it, but we honestly mean it, we really do care. We give you our word that we will work as hard as we can in every way to give you the best service and the best value for your money that you will find anywhere. Click Here to Meet our staff

Our Cars!

When it comes to buying a used vehicle at a used car dealer, everyone knows that “Auto Auctions” are the main source for the dealers inventory. We’ve all heard horror stories about “auction cars”. Most dealers buy a vehicle at an auction, take it back to the dealership and as long as it “seems to run ok” and doesn’t make any funny noises, they clean it up and put it out on the lot for sale. That’s where Town Hill Auto Sales and Service REALLY is different! We spent the first 14 years that we were in business doing strictly vehicle repairs and maintenance for our customers so we know what is common for the Bedford area; we know what it takes to provide our customers with a great buying experience.

Because we utilize the fact that we have a full service service department staffed by factory trained master mechanics.. we take that expertise and put it int oevery car we sell. We're not "the other guy in Bedford" that just grabs the best deal from the auction.. we inspect and prepare vehicles for a lasting purchase experience!

Our Financing!

Good credit... Bad credit… And Even NO CREDIT, is NO PROBLEM with us! With the many types of financing we have available, including our own In House Buy Here Pay Here Financing, we can help ANYONE buy the vehicle they want and/or need!

We work with many local banks and finance companies to try to get you the best deal we can to finance your vehicle. For our customers who cannot get financing through the normal sources we also offer OUR OWN special In House Buy Here Pay Here Financing where we can finance anyone! With our In House Buy Here Pay Here Financing we do NOT use credit scores, we do NOT do credit checks, we don’t care if you have been through bankruptcy, we don’t even care if you are currently GOING through bankruptcy! As long as you have the right down payment, have proof of income, and proof of where you live WE WILL FINANCE YOU!  


Your down payment can be in the form of cash or a trade in (some customers use both) and your income can be any viable source of income such as: a job, social security, disability, child support, anything… As long as you have an income we can and WILL work with you to help you get the vehicle you need!

Unlike other Buy Here Pay Here dealers we DO NOT “jack up” the prices of our cars to take advantage of our Buy Here Pay Here customers! We know times are tough for everyone and we want to help you get a good vehicle at a good price! Check our prices, you will see! Most Buy Here Pay Here car lots sell junky cars at inflated prices because they simply do not care if you pay for the car or not. WE ARE DIFFERENT! I GUARANTEE YOU THAT!!! We have affordable down payments and VERY LOW bi weekly or monthly payments (depending on how you get paid, WE WORK WITH YOU!) that ANYONE with an income CAN afford! We sell GOOD vehicles that we have checked out, serviced, and inspected in our own service center.

We have found over the years that the better we take care of our customers the more they recommend us to their friends and family. We strive to build good relationships with our customers and with our community; we work hard every day to do our best! We have been in business for over 15 years and plan to be here for many more!

Click to learm more about our Buy Here Pay Here Program

Our Warranty!

Our in house Buy Here Pay Here Warranty* is something we are very proud of at Town Hill Auto Sales and Service. We want our customers to know and trust that we sell good, clean, reliable used vehicles. One way that we do that is by standing behind our vehicles with our own in house Buy Here Pay Here Warranty.

As long as you pay your payments on time, our in house Buy Here Pay Here Warranty covers the entire power train of your vehicle (engine, transmission, transfer case, differentials, and drive axles) along with the major electrical parts (starter, alternator, window motors, wiper motors), and the major Air Conditioning parts (compressor, condensor, and evaporator) for as long as you are making payments to us on that vehicle!***

No gimmicks, no games, it’s simply our way of not only “telling” you that we are selling you a good vehicle, but PROVING it to you as well by standing behind that vehicle as long as you are making payments to us. For vehicles that are financed by other companies (banks or other sources) we offer the same warranty but it is time based (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, etc) based on the price of the vehicle. Call, stop in, or Email us for more details and specifics!

*** this is a 50/50 warranty coverage, please call or stop in for complete Buy Here Pay Here Warranty details