Does the Brand of Gas I Use Actually Matter?

Adding fuel  - Auto Repair Service, Bedford PAThe short answer, yes. In fact, Town Hill Auto Repair Service deals with many fuel related component failures because of the many different brand standards that are within our Bedford, PA community.

In this article will look at why the brand of gas matters and recommendations to help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

The Detergent Dilemma

At the very top of the reasons why the brand of gas matters is the amount or type of detergent that is placed in the fuel. Some larger national chains place higher than EPA standard detergents in the fuel voluntarily others naturally, do not. The purpose of these fuel detergents is to help dilute and pass through carbon and container debris, that can cause build up in fuel system components; leading to failure and a trip to Town Hill Auto Repair Service. The main components that are most susceptible to this contamination are: fuel pump, fuel gauge sensors, injectors (or carburetor jets) intake and exhaust valves, the EGR valve and catalytic converter.

By running a better grade of detergent fuel, you can help offset some of the fuel component failures that would cause you need an auto repair service in Bedford PA.

Carbon Buildup - Auto Repair Service, Bedford PAThe Cash Conundrum

While it makes sense to use higher grade detergent fuel in your Bedford, PA vehicle; sometimes that can cut into the budget. Higher grade detergent gas in some cases cost $.05-$.07 more per gallon, which multiplied out over many tanks of gas over the year; can get expensive.

However, in the larger picture the automotive manufacturers have done their own independent studies to determine the cost difference between using detergent gas that meets EPA standards, versus those that exceed EPA standards; in relationship to carbon related repairs within a two-year period of time.

American Honda from 2003-2007 estimated that those that utilize better grade detergent fuel over the course of a year spent on average $45-$57 in additional fuel costs. When compared to the repair costs between clogged EGR ports, EGR failure, combustion chamber and engine ping (premature fuel ignition) amongst other fuel related issues where carbon was directly blamed; they determined that Honda owners were spending $390-$520 in repairs every two to five years.

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Fueling car  - Auto Repair Service, Bedford PAConclusion

When you do the math for those types of repairs, the extra $.05-$.07 more per gallon seems quite reasonable when compared to the auto repair service needed to correct carbon buildup; plus the reduced fuel efficiency and performance that comes from the carbon build up over that duration. Town Hill Auto Repair Service serving the Bedford, PA area recommends to have your fuel system completely cleaned then to use these better detergent fuels to help keep your auto repair bills at a minimum.

Some of the gas stations that have voluntarily exceeded EPA detergent additive standards are: Shell, ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, Phillips 66, Texaco and Valero and a few others. Some of the auto manufacturers that recommend using better grade detergent fuels are Mercedes, Toyota, Chevrolet, VW, Honda, BMW and Ford. These manufacturers independent studies have found that when better grade detergent fuel is used that the cost of ownership over a seven-year period of time can be decreased up to 20%!

When Local Experience Matters

Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. is your main source for vehicle maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. Our ASE Master certified, dealer trained technicians can help you keep your vehicle ready for the road year around. Because we are a Napa certified repair facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that the repairs performed by Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. are backed with quality Napa parts and our nationwide warranty. Be sure to check with our automotive experts on best tips and practices to keep your car in Bedford PA. running its best.

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Does Preventive Maintenance Really Save Money?

Over the years, an overwhelming amount of information has been provided proving the fact that well-maintained vehicles in Bedford PA. simply last longer and have lower repair bills. Yet when economic times get a little tough, preventative maintenance is one of the first things to go out of one’s budget.

But considering the cost of the initial automotive purchase today, is this a smart choice? The average age of vehicles driven in the Bedford PA. area is more than 11 years old. This is not surprising being that it seems every year new car prices go higher and higher while the quality of the vehicle seem to get lower. In order to get a strong, long-lasting vehicle it sometimes takes a significant investment; naturally the best way to get a return on your investment is to have Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. properly maintain it.

Proper oil changes

Oil is the lifeblood of an engine and needs to be changed regularly. As the vehicle ages in Bedford PA., changing the weight of the oil or “viscosity” is one of those tricks of the trade that the ASE Master certified and factory trained technicians at Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. utilize to help increase the life of the engine and keep important internal components lubricated. Using quality oil products like those found made by Valvoline can also help your engine extend its life utilizing a variety of different products designed for specific vehicle uses and conditions in Bedford PA

Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford, PA. is your one stop facility to keep your car performing at its best year around. Call Today to see the Difference Experience makes – 814-310-2221

Spark Plug Replacements

Spark plugs are an often neglected component because, while they rarely fail, the age and use of the spark plug can often be costing you at the gas pump. When spark plug replacement is not performed regularly there is a buildup of carbon and debris on the spark plug that decreases its efficiency. This decrease in efficiency can not only rob your engine of horsepower but can also cause fuels not be properly burned as they are moving through the combustion chamber. As a result; gasoline is going out your exhaust pipe instead of being used to generate power for your engine.

While the industry as a whole recommends the replacement of spark plugs at 100,000 miles, it is true that, modern spark plugs can easily last that long; however the fact that the spark plug can last that long does not mean that the spark plug will not have carbon and debris build-up on the spark plugs themselves.

Because most modern vehicles have spark plugs very accessible it is one of the less expensive preventative maintenance services that you can do that will save you the most in your wallet. Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. recommends changing your spark plugs every 30 to 45,000 miles to make sure that you always have fresh, clean spark plugs performing at their best.  

The costs of neglecting your vehicle maintenance

The cost of neglecting your vehicles preventative maintenance can be as simple as poor performance; however in Bedford PA., it’s more often felt in the wallet. With a vehicle not performing at its peak it often means that it will cost more at the gas pump. Additionally it may cost more in vehicle repairs down the road as well. A common example is those that would not have their coolant system properly flushed and filled as a preventative maintenance measure find themselves needing to have expensive cooling system repairs performed.

Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. is your one stop facility to keep your car performing at its best year around. Our ASE Master certified technicians are dealer trained to perform services as simple as an oil change all the way through major engine and transmission repair. Trust our years of experience in the automotive field to not only give you the best price but always provide you with excellent quality service along the way.

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