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Blog  -  Oil Change and Quick Services in Bedford

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What do those oil numbers mean?

Have you ever opened the hood and looked at the oil cap to see it says to use 5w30 and wonder what that meant? Or walked into the auto parts store to see dozens of oils and wondered.. which one should I choose? Believe it or not that is a very common question. The type of oil used in your vehicle is the lifeblood that circulates and protects your motor; so making sure that the right viscosity and type of oil used for your car in Bedford, PA. is a very important decision to make. Let’s look at some information to help you better understand what those numbers represent.

When should I change my oil?

With every owners manual saying something different it really does beg the question: When should I change my oil? At Town Hill Auto Repair Service Center we answer the question with this detailed article showing the reasons and info for you to make the best choice for the maintenance of your car.

Transfer Case Service

What is a transfer case? Most drivers don't know much about transfer cases; however, if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you've got one. This component is what ensures that you have power available for both the front and rear axles while you are driving around in the Bedford area.For example, if you have a rear-wheel drive SUV, power will only go to the rear wheels until you need 4-wheel drive. That's when the transfer case steps in and transfers some of the power to the front wheels as well. You might use a shift lever to go into 4...

Severe Driving In Bedford

Most Bedford motorists know that their owner's manuals have schedules for when to service your vehicle. What they may not know is that there are actually two service schedules: the regular schedule and the severe service schedule. The mileage and time intervals are lower on the severe service schedule. What qualifies my vehicle for severe service? When you hear “severe service”, you may think it doesn't apply to you because you don't feel your driving conditions are severe or extreme – it's just normal everyday driving around Bedford. At Town Hill Auto Sales and Service, our knowledgeable service ...

What Customers Like About Us At Town Hill Auto Sales and Service in Bedford

At Town Hill Auto Sales and Service in Bedford, a big part of the service we provide for our customers is education. We want you to feel confident with your service decisions. And we're always open to questions. Even though we try to be proactive in our education, we sometimes get busy fixing cars and need a reminder. Please, just ask.We've found our Bedford customers like the service reminders. This is especially true of our returning customers. They've grown to trust that our recommendations are based on the vehicle manufacturer's published maintenance schedules and that we're not just pulling ...

Questions to Ask Your Town Hill Auto Sales and Service Advisor

Should I ask questions? A lot of service and repair customers in Bedford are a little tentative when they talk with their automotive advisors. They want to ask questions, but don't want to be embarrassed or to seem pushy. Cars are very complicated and there's more to know about them than most automobile owners have the time to learn, which is why we make it our job to know everything possible about them. We love questions, so don't be afraid to ask! At Town Hill Auto Sales and Service, we think automotive service customers have a right to ask any ...