Steering and Suspension Repair in Bedford PA

One of the areas that gets often neglected is the steering and suspension components of a vehicle. If the car drives straight enough, no worries, right? Wrong. Just a small misalignment can cause your tires to unevenly wear making for an early tire replacement. Other times parts like tie rods and bushings can create unsafe instability that could be crucial in some driving situations.

Make sure to have our ASE Master Certified Repair Technicians inspect each component to make sure they are in a good, safe condition.


Improve your ride

Sometimes the use of the vehicle differs from its factory purpose; towing, utility and off-road use can quickly exceed the manufacturers specification of suspension components. One thing we can help with is improving the ride of your vehicle. Whether you have a car or van that you simply want to write smoother or a truck that needs to be built to handle heavier loads or an off-road environment; we can help. Napa’s premium components, in many areas, far exceeds the manufacturer specifications, many offering a lifetime warranty. These improved steering and suspension parts can dramatically increase the quality of your ride or handling of a utility vehicle. Be sure to ask your Town Hill advisor about these quality Napa parts.

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Tired of getting the run around when needing tires?

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