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Transmissions are necessary components for your automobile that are designed to last for many years; but like any other machine in Bedford PA, they eventually wear out and need repair. With that, different types of vehicles take different transmissions designed to handle workload and stress differently. For example: your Honda Civic was not designed to handle pulling a camper… but a full size truck… is.

Naturally the goal is to get the most our of your vehicle and avoid expensive repairs, so let’s focus on what drivers can do to help prevent mechanical breakdown and failure.

Transmission Preventative Maintenance

Proper Fluid Level

First, make sure your transmission always has enough fluid. Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the transmission. When there’s not enough fluid, the transmission will run hotter and wear out sooner. The transmission fluid also provides the hydraulic pressure needed to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. When there is insufficient fluid transmission won’t shift properly.

Our ASE Master Certified Team can check your transmission fluid level our full service oil change and top it off if needed. If it’s low, or you see something leaking, let us know so we can investigate the problem further. It might be a simple gasket, but a small repair can prevent a larger one just down the road.

Automatic Transmission - RepairTransmission Fluid Change

You can prolong the life of your vehicle transmission by replacing your transmission fluid (and filter as required) on regular schedule. During regular use, transmission gears will grind together creating friction. This results in lots of little bits of metal circulating through the transmission. Over a period of time this debris can cause damage to the transmission.

Transmission fluid also contains detergents and other additives to protect and lubricate your transmission. These additives are depleted over time due to heat, so old fluid doesn’t protect as well as new fluid. Our will have a recommendation for when you should have a transmission service.

If your vehicle transmission isn’t shifting as smoothly as it should, or if you suspect a transmission leak, let Town Hill Auto Repair Service take a look at it; ask if it’s time for a transmission service. Regular maintenance and taking care of small leaks right away will help your transmission last as long as possible.

Driving Conditions

Proper use of your transmission will also help it last as long as it can before requiring major repair. Especially in the backroads here in Bedford PA, small car transmissions were not designed to work like a truck, 2WD Trucks we not meant to push Large 44” swamper tires and just because you saw a fast and furious Honda Civic smoke the tires… doesn’t mean your 2003 factory Civic Lx will do the same. Point is transmissions for each car are designed for the factory identified driving conditions. Using the car in a manner is was designed for (or not designed for) can adversely effect how long your transmission might last.


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