Is my cooling system really that important?

Are you aware of just how important your cooling system is? Coolant/antifreeze circulates around the engine, absorbs heat, and then dissipates that heat into the radiator. Cooling system failure can cause extensive engine damage. This article will deal with a couple of ways a well maintained cooling system can help prolong the life of your vehicle, and be sure to check with your auto repair professional at Town Hill Auto Service in Bedford PA for more info about your cooling system.

Minor coolant leaks

It’s very tempting to put off repairing small cooling system leaks. Topping off the coolant isn’t that big of a deal right? However, there are several problems with doing this.

  • Coolant is messy, It doesn’t just evaporate away. The resulting puddle is harmful to the environment and toxic to pets.

  • You need to keep the proper balance of coolant/antifreeze and distilled water to maintain optimal boil and freeze properties, be sure to check with your auto repair professional at Town Hill Auto Service in Bedford for more info about your cooling system.

  • The cooling system needs to maintain a certain pressure to do its job, and a leak compromises the pressure.

  • Small leaks can unexpectedly become big leaks that leave you stranded.

Corrosion protection.

Antifreeze/coolant contains a package of anti-corrosion additives. These additives coat internal surfaces throughout the entire cooling system. They protect against oxidation, which can lead to leaks, as well as scale that clogs cooling system components. The protective coating is constantly reacting to chemical compounds created by the extreme heating and cooling cycle the coolant goes through. Over time, the coating is depleted and there is nothing left to protect the exposed metal in the engine and in the other system parts.

This is why your vehicle manufacturer recommends your coolant/antifreeze be changed periodically. Even though your old coolant may seem to be doing a good job of cooling your engine, it leaves the engine exposed to corrosive elements that will damage the system. A good practice is to have a coolant exchange performed whenever you replace a cooling system component. For example, when you put in a new water pump it is not protected with anti-corrosion additives. If your anti-corrosion package is already depleted, the new water pump will immediately be exposed to corrosive elements that will significantly reduce its life cycle. If you change the coolant when the new water pump is installed, it will be protected the first time you start the engine.

Coolant Service

Did you know that all of the service professionals at Townhill Auto Service in Bedford PA are ASE Master certified mechanics? These dealer trained technicians really know their cars. Certified in all makes and models these professionals can easily diagnose and repair anything; from the smallest leak to a major repair. Back that with being a Napa Certified Service Center you can have peace in mind that every repair uses the highest quality parts with industry-leading warranties. When you choose TownHill Auto Service Center in Bedford PA to perform your coolant service, our highly trained staff will remove the old coolant and accumulated sediment from the system and replace it with a new, high quality Napa coolant designed to exceed the manufacture specifications of the vehicle. We will then give your cooling system a thorough inspection. If you are in need of a cooling system service or suspect you may have a leak then contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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