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Hello, my name is Scott Hendershot and I am the owner of Town Hill Auto Inc. in Bedford PA. From the time I was in my teens I had always known that I wanted to own my own repair shop some day. I began working for a local Chevrolet dealer while in my senior year of high school through the local Vo-Tech program. Upon graduating high school I attended college through a General Motors automotive program in Pittsburgh called A.S.E.P. I graduated college in 1993 and continued to work at the local Chevrolet dealership for a few more years while getting as much technical training as I could. By the time I had decided that I was ready to try my hand at running my own repair business, I had gained many different certifications in the automotive repair field: ASE Master Certified Technician, Chevrolet Certified, Cadillac Gold Certified along with a lot of other training as well. In the spring of 1996 I had decided that the time had come, I wanted to start my own business, be my own boss, and take care of my customers the way “I” wanted to take care of them! My goal has always been to treat my customers with honesty, integrity, respect, and to give them the best service and value possible for their money.

Town Hill Auto

In October of 1996 along with some help from many of my family members we opened the doors as Town Hill Auto. We specialized in Major and Minor repairs and towing for the first 12 – 13 years. Times started to change a little and the vehicles have changed a lot. We work very hard to keep up to date with all of the proper equipment, tools, and information necessary to repair and maintain our customers vehicles to factory standards.

As many of my regular customers and friends know, I have always restored old cars as a hobby. It’s simply just in my blood. I have also enjoyed buying and selling them as part of my hobby as well. In 2008 I decided that I wanted to diversify Town Hill Auto some and get involved in some other areas of the automotive business as well. With so many businesses in our area closing up and good jobs becoming so hard to find, I knew that car loans were getting hard to come by for a lot of the people and even though times were tough, people still needed to be able to purchase a good car at a good price when the need arises.  After doing a lot of research I decided that I not only wanted to sell used cars, but I wanted to help local people with the financing for them as well, so in January of 2010 we started selling affordable good quality used cars and doing “Buy Here Pay Here” in house financing.

Image of a mechanic working on a suv - Auto repair service in Bedford PABeing in the repair business all of my life, I have had many dealings with “extended warranty” companies good and bad. I have told my customers many times an extended warranty is just like insurance, “You don’t know how good it is until you need it. But, then it is too late if it’s not enough”. That’s why I created my own In House Buy Here Pay Here Warranty that is available on almost all of our used vehicles. Sometimes issues arise with used vehicles and I want to know my customers are going to be treated fairly when they do. The only way I can be sure of that is by providing my own warranty so that is what we do! We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers here at Town Hill Auto Sales and Repair in Bedford PA

In the fall of 2009 we also added our car rental business “Anytime Auto Rental” to our business. We have rental vehicles available for those who need a vehicle, with local and long distance rates starting as low as $26.95 per day (call for details).

The day I first opened the doors here it was just my sister and I. We’ve now worked our way up to 8 full time employee’s along with some part time help. It really is a family atmosphere here and we all take a lot of pride in everything we do. The thing I am most proud of that I have done is hiring the “right” kind of people. I can honestly say that all of us here “work from the heart”. To us this is not just a job, and you as a customer are CERTAINLY not just a number. Our livelihood depends on us taking care of our customers so they continue to do business with us. We also hope that by doing a good job for our customers they will continue to refer us to their friends and family. None of us are perfect, we sometimes make mistakes, but we will always stand behind what we do and will always do the right thing if there is a problem. You have my word on that…

Scott Hendershot

Owner and Manager
[email protected]

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