Tips for storing my car for the winter – Part 2

winter driving- auto repair service in Bedford, PAIn continuing our tips for storing your car for winter in Bedford, PA you should have read the previous part one giving you some great ideas on getting your car clean as to not come back to critters and foul smells when winter is over. In this article were going to look at some additional tips that will help keep your car ready to go one springtime comes.

With Town Hill Auto Service being the leading choice for the Bedford, PA area with ASE trained, master certified technicians; we know a few things when it comes to properly storing your car during the winter months. Let’s look at a few useful tips:

The Fuel Frustration

Gasoline that you get in Bedford, PA for your car today contains ethanol. This fuel substitute is a colorless flammable liquid which is produced by natural fermentation natural elements such as sugars and corn. However eco-friendly this may be it plays havoc on fuel systems and components. Especially for vehicles that don’t get driven often or sit for the winter, the chemical breakdown of ethanol creates a green chalky substance that can clog injectors, filters and more creating problems for your car.

When storing your vehicle in Bedford PA we recommend to use a Napa’s 360 performance stabilizer.  ( this will help prevent corrosion and rust. It will also help clean the fuel system, so it’s a good idea to run a bottle through about every 10,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first.

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car battery- auto repair service in Bedford, PARemove the Battery

Car batteries in Bedford PA are made from lead and acid that creates a mild charge and stores energy. When not being used a battery will discharge and the lead plates will begin to chemically break down. This means that a battery can actually destroy itself if not regularly charged. Additionally as the battery discharges it releases acidic vapor that will react to the metals in your car. This causes a corrosive film to cover the terminals and aluminum inside your engine bay.

Town Hill auto repair service in Bedford PA, recommends to remove the battery and place it on a power tender or maintenance charger that will keep a low current charge; this helps the battery keep or maintain its integrity. This specific device will keep the battery from becoming overcharged and will keep the battery charge available come spring when you need it. Napa sells a nice battery maintenance charger (

Valvoline oil change- auto repair service in Bedford, PAMake sure that your fluids are fresh

Depending on how long you’re going to be storing the car, Town Hill auto repair service in Bedford PA, recommends to make sure that you have performed an oil change and coolant service (at minimum). These fluids have a tendency to break down over time and congeal causing sludge in your cooling and engine systems. Having a fresh oil change will also help when restarting the car come spring; the fresh oil will help coat engine parts. Fresh coolant also contains anticorrosion and rust inhibitors that will help your cooling system components stay clean and ready for the spring.

Note: Be sure to run your vehicle up to complete operating temperature with your fresh fluids opening your heater to allow the fresh coolant into your heater core.

Trust the Local Experts!

Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford, PA. is your main source for vehicle maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. Our ASE Master certified, dealer trained technicians can help you keep your vehicle ready for the road year around. Because we are a Napa certified repair facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that the repairs performed by Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford, PA. are backed with quality Napa parts and our nationwide warranty. Be sure to check with our automotive experts on best tips and practices to keep your car in Bedford, PA. running its best.

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