What is that scraping sound coming from my car?

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What is that scraping sound coming from my car? It’s an all too common question that most people immediately say: “Oh, that’s the brakes!” But then the response is… “no, when I hit the brakes, the noise goes away!”

At Town Hill Auto Repair Service providing Napa certified maintenance and repair to the Bedford PA community, we know cars; and the little noises that in this case… are trying to tell you something.

The Tab Tells the Tale

There is a thin metal feeler (warning tab) that protrudes from the side of the brake pad. This “tab” scrapes against the brake rotor when the brake pad wears to the point that they should be replaced by an auto repair service. One of the telltale signs that your brakes are in need of replacement is a screeching noise (metallic) heard before you touch your brakes. For most modern cars in the Bedford, PA area, this is by design.

Especially with ABS (anti brake locking system) the brake pads “float” a small fraction in the caliper (part that holds them) The gap is around the thickness of 2 business cards so it isn’t very much, but that movement allows to the edge of the brake pad, where the warning tab is, to touch the brake rotor (the part the brake pads clamp on to stop). This produces a scraping sound that can often be heard at low speeds.

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Why does the sound go away when I hit the brake?

The reason why the sound goes away is when the brakes are applied, that “angle” of the pad that floats in the caliper is flattened parallel to the rotors, making the warning tab move away from the rotor. This design actually provides a greater warning that your brake pads will need replaced. That is even better considering the braking needs in the hills and roads here around Bedford PA; can wear out pads rather quickly.

What to do when it scrapes all the time?

At this point the brake pads are thin enough to have the brake warning tab to touch the rotor all the time. When this occurs you should make an appointment with our Napa Certifies Auto Repair Service to replace the brakes, before damage to other components occur; or you don’t have the brake needed to safely stop.

When Local Experience Matters

Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. is your main source for vehicle maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. Our ASE Master certified, dealer trained technicians can help you keep your vehicle ready for the road year around. Because we are a Napa certified repair facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that the repairs performed by Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. are backed with quality Napa parts and our nationwide warranty. Be sure to check with our automotive experts on best tips and practices to keep your car in Bedford PA. running its best.

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