Tips for storing my car for the winter – Part 1

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This time of year some residents in the Bedford PA area might choose to store their luxury or performance car in lieu of the milder spring and summer temperatures. If you should choose to store your car for the winter there are some steps that you may want to take to ensure that your car will last mechanically, as well as, look great for many years to come.

With Town Hill Auto Service being the leading choice for the Bedford PA area with ASE trained, master certified technicians; we know a few things when it comes to properly storing your car during the winter months. Let’s look at a few useful tips:

A Clean Car is a Happy Car

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For those who might choose to store your car during the winter months in Bedford PA you will first want to make sure that your car is thoroughly clean inside and out. The last thing you want to do is store a car that is dirty, giving opportunity for contaminants to slowly damage your vehicle. Give your car a good hand wash, closely looking for any foreign debris that may cause damage to your finish such as tree sap, dead bugs or chemical exposure (ie. Brake fluid).

After the paint and chrome is clean, apply a good coat of wax. If the car will be in a moist area for a few months be sure to consider treating unprotected metal surfaces such as the undercarriage.

Many enthusiast in the Bedford PA area choose to use WD-40 has a light coating on brake rotors, calipers, brake hoses, exhaust and so forth; just to keep in mind of this treatment when you go to drive it for the first time after its long winters rest.


Discard any food wrappers, soda cans and any other garbage that may have accumulated inside your car in the Bedford PA area. Look for French fries between the seats, candy in the carpet and other items that may attract unwanted pests and insects during its long winters rest. If you are going to have your carpets steam cleaned be sure to steam clean them early enough so that they can be thoroughly dried before putting your car into storage. Otherwise the leftover moisture can build up and form mold on the interior components, possibly even damaging the electronics of the vehicle over a period of time.

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Additional Considerations

Mouse in Car - auto repair service in Bedford, PAUnwanted critters like mice can play havoc on a stored vehicle. They do not see your car as the prized possession that it is, but rather an enjoyable place to set up residence. When they get a little hungry they go looking for a snack, chewing through wires and ripping into seats. It’s a good idea to put some mothballs or other pest deterrents in your engine bay and interior (and trunk) to help keep these little critters away.

You should also consider putting a sock into the exhaust to keep them from getting up inside and building a nest. Just make sure to take them out before you go for a ride in the spring.

Car covers are a great idea, just make sure they’re clean. Nothing’s worse than putting a dirty car cover on a clean car; it’s literally like applying sandpaper. If your car is stored outside you may choose to take additional steps such as: treating the tires, place in the car on jack stands, covering the tires with plastic wheel covers, etc.. For garage storage you could do the same, but it’s not as necessary.

Be sure to check the additional tips on storing your car for winter.

When Local Experience Matters

Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. is your main source for vehicle maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. Our ASE Master certified, dealer trained technicians can help you keep your vehicle ready for the road year around. Because we are a Napa certified repair facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that the repairs performed by Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. are backed with quality Napa parts and our nationwide warranty. Be sure to check with our automotive experts on best tips and practices to keep your car in Bedford PA. running its best.

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