A Memorial Day Message

Memorial Day - Auto repair service in Bedford PA

On Memorial Day we are challenged to pause, remember and say thanks to those fallen military who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today in this great country. Amid ceremonies, gatherings, picnics and sales we might get lost in the “holiday” rather than it’s meaning.

As a veteran, author and staff writer for Town Hill Auto Repair Service; I would like to present an article answering the thought: How can you say thank you to those who are gone?

All Gave Some, but Some Gave All

In this popular song we are reminded that while all veterans gave to their country on some level, some gave all with the ultimate gift for our freedom; their very life. As a veteran of Desert Storm and 3rd generation of wartime military service, I have often shared with my grandfather and father about friends that didn’t come home.

I once asked my granddad: “What can we do about it?” He answered, “never forget.” Then my Dad spoke up “make sure their sacrifice wasn’t in vein.” That statement helped me realize that the best way to say thanks to those who were gone, is to preserve the values that they died for.

America is More than a Slogan

America was founded on principles and values that resisted the will of a tyrannical government. As part of setting up a free society, they imbedded these values into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These rights were to preserve our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but it didn’t stop there.

When we learned that freedom meant the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion without an oppressive regime governing or limiting these freedoms; we soon experienced the power that freedom had as we built a new nation, under God. This freedom created opportunities, prosperity, motivated people to seek their fortunes, empowered the Gospel of Jesus Christ to go forth without religious bonds; becoming the foundational values that soon would be the envy of the world.

We believed that these freedoms we’re given by God himself to do His will without bounds, we believed it to the extent of defending it.

At times we have been called upon to fight to preserve these freedoms and help release others from those tyrannical bonds. If it had not been for the sacrifices of these brave men and women, millions today would still be oppressed by tyrants, begging for food and killed for expressing liberty. We, and the world are indebted to their sacrifice.

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I Didn’t Fight for a Country

I had the privilege as a sponsor of the Veteran Defense Program in my town to sit down with Veterans and share wartime stories, accounts of heroism and days of fear.

In the meeting was a young lady from the local high school, when she thanked the WW2 Veteran for fighting for his country, he replied: “I didn’t fight for my country, I fought for my brother.” He continued “To place the welfare of the whole country on the shoulders of one Marine is a war too big to win. I fought for my fellow Marines, if we all did that; we win.”

Behind the Scenes

The sacrifices of those spouses and dependents of our fallen heroes MUST be recognized and support given to truly honor their sacrifice. I believe a government and its people will be judged by how it treats the dependents of a fallen soldier.

I can only imagine the nights of concern my spouse experienced while I was deployed and how much she, and my children have sacrificed taking care of me since I came home in a wheelchair.

While my sacrifice will always be remembered each time I look at my family’s face, at least I came home. We should go beyond the “thank you” to ensure that the dependents of our fallen heroes are taken care of emotionally and financially through support assistance and vocational retraining.

How can you say thank you to those who are gone?

Preserve here, at home the values that have made this country the envy of the world. Every day our own government looks for ways to legislate away freedoms, restrict free speech and attempts to legislate immorality through liberal censorship. Perhaps if we truly want to honor their sacrifice we would remember those fundamental values that made America great: hard work, perseverance, family, faith and freedom.

Honoring their Sacrifice Daily

The staff at Town Hill Auto Repair Service understand it is our Veterans and their unwavering strength in adversity that preserves the freedom we enjoy to have a Auto Repair Service business in the Bedford, PA. area (or anywhere else for that matter). We look forward to building long-term relationships with our customers by treating every customer with respect, understanding the diversity of opinions when working with our customers. We look forward to sharing our customer values and mindset of traditional workmanship with every customer opportunity.

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Adventures in Diagnostics

One of the joys and challenges the Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. sometimes faces is in the arena of vehicle diagnostics. While diagnosing an automotive problem can sometimes be difficult, it is a necessary part of being a full-service automotive repair center; is also the reason why Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. hires some of the automotive industry’s best local talent when it comes to automotive troubleshooting. This article we thought we would take a moment to reflect on some of our favorite “adventures in diagnostics” that we have… (clearing throat) survived through over the years.

The Test Drive

Sometimes, in order for us to proper diagnostics of an automotive problem, we need to have the customer duplicate the problem on a test drive. I recall one test drive where a customer complained of a vibration coming from their car which warranted a test drive with the shop foreman. Apparently the vibration was felt when taking a tight right hand turn at 40 miles an hour; but we didn’t know that until the customer demonstrated the vibration. Feeling like he was in a NASCAR road race pulling 2 g’s in the corners; the shop foreman, holding on for his dear life, actually was able to narrow the problem down to a tie rod. As a result, we did learn to ask a few more questions before going on test drives with customers who think they are a race car driver.

Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. is your one stop facility to keep your car performing at its best year around. Call Today to see the Difference Experience makes – 814-310-2221

Can you hear it now?

One particular automotive diagnostic adventure was with a certain female customer that had a 2003 Honda with an intermittent sound coming from the front of the vehicle. After three separate service visits where the shop foreman and technician test drove the vehicle, we were never able to duplicate the noise that she described. Then one day I get a phone call where she said that she was hearing the noise and wanted me to hear it over the phone: before I could tell her that “I can’t pinpoint a noise over the phone”…  She had put her cell phone out the window at 55 mph. I heard a noise all-right, the noise of wind blowing past a cell phone at 55 mph! Needless to say the phone call did not help me narrow down the problem. Still a regular customer, we often joke about it; today it’s one of our favorite “adventures in diagnostics”.

The Mystery Blue Light

One perplexing diagnostics adventure was a customer that continued to bring in her car for a blue light that was flashing on her dash. When asked what shape the blue light was, she simply said it was a dot; not a picture (like a check engine light would be). This brought about an even larger question because there was no blue light set up on her dash as a warning indicator. Insistent that the problem was there, she would mention it at every service visit hoping that we would eventually be able to diagnose the mystery blue light. Late one Friday afternoon as we were fixing to close she pulled into the service drive wanting me to see the light: yet when I look at the dash, I saw no light. With her sitting in the driver’s seat (my leaning into the driver’s window)… I finally discovered the source of the mystery blue light! She had a Bluetooth earpiece that in certain shadowed circumstances would reflect against her eyeglasses making it appear that there was a blue light on her dash! Now it is a classic for our “adventures in diagnostics” scrapbook.

Count on Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. when experience counts.

Needless to say that the staff at Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. has been serving the automotive community long enough to have some “adventures and diagnostics”. These adventures: however, do illustrate our desire to work with the customer to find the problem, if it can be found. Our dealer trained, ASE Master certified technicians use their skills and training as well as the latest technology to track down a diagnostics problem and get you back on the road safely. Whether your needing and simple oil change or a major engine rebuild we can handle it all big or small.

Stay tuned for more “Adventures in Diagnostics”…

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Reasons we are thankful in 2016

During this holiday season it is important to be reminded about the many things that Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service; providing quality used car sales, automotive repair and rental services to the Bedford PA. area, has to be thankful for. Even as the end of the year continues to approach, we find ourselves echoing our thankfulness as we look back across 2016.

Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service in Bedford PA  would like to express a few things, as we reflect on our trials and successes of 2016, that we find ourselves to be very thankful for:

Our customers

No automotive business can be successful without customers, ours is no different. Perhaps the thing that we are most grateful for is how incredible our customers have been to us here at Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service. While we have worked hard to provide our customers with exceeding value in used car sales, automotive repair and rental services; we continue to be amazed at how gracious our customers have been.

Much of our business comes from referrals from the many customers that we have had the opportunity to provide exceptional sales and automotive repair service to; perhaps the greatest complement that we can receive from our customers is a referral to a friend. It is also important to note that many of our customers have become good friends, desiring to partner with our vision and participate in our work ethic.

As 2017 approaches, we want to say a hearty “thank you” to the many customers that have made the choice to utilize Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service for their automotive sales, service and rental needs.

Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA. is your one stop facility to keep your car performing at its best year around. Call Today to see the Difference Experience makes – 814-310-2221

Our team

In the automotive industry your business is only as good as the talent that you have working for you. At Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service in Bedford PA., we have been blessed to have some of the automotive industry’s best sales and service specialists that have chosen to partner their talents with us. It is their patience and perseverance that has shown through in the workmanship that they have provided to our many thankful customers.

As the owner of Town Hill Auto (Scott) I wish to extend my deepest thanks to all of the team members here at Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service. I would like to express my desire that 2017 builds upon the success of 2016 and that our friendship grows stronger with each passing day. We simply could not have had a successful year without the outstanding talents of each and every member of our team.

Our families

Building a successful sales and auto repair company often requires sacrifices of time. Often many late hours are spent taking care of necessary paperwork and prep to make sure that the we are ready to meet the needs of our customers; this requires a dedicated team able to be flexible to time constraints.

Perhaps the greater sacrifice made in these times is that of our families. All of the staff and team members at Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service that wish to extend our gratefulness to the sacrifices that our family members have made throughout 2016; your sacrifice does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.

Business partnerships

Another factor that has made 2016 a success for Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service is the partnerships that we have been able to make. From the dedicated staff that works with our website to the companies that service our equipment, we want to say thank you for the level of service that you have provided to help make us successful. To our Napa Representatives, vendors, materials suppliers and others that have shared in the business model and vision of Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service, we want to say thank you.

Keeping things in perspective

There are so many things that, honestly, we could take the time to say that we are thankful for. We would be remiss to not take a few moments to acknowledge how thankful we are to be able to operate an automotive sales and repair company in such a great country.

The sacrifices that soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines make (as well as their families) to keep us safe and free; this does not go unnoticed and we are truly thankful.

Furthermore; the daily sacrifices of our dedicated public safety officers (police, fire and EMT’s) make to help preserve the peace on the streets of America is certainly appreciated. It is the sacrifices of individuals such as these that make it possible for companies like ours to prosper in this great and free nation.

As 2017 quickly approaches we look forward to being able to continue a work ethic that has allowed us to provide great service to our customers; with the anticipation of many years to come.

We look forward to working with you in 2017 and beyond…

Let us know how we are doing.

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