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How to Properly Check and Fill your Tires
on Tuesday, April 11 2017
Something that many drivers in the Bedford. PA. area think little about is the proper inflation of their tires. Because the tires are essentially, one of the most important components of your vehicle; as they are the only thing that connects your car to the pavement… this can be quite an important topic. Proper inflation of your tires not only helps with the steering performance of your vehicle, stopping agility and ride performance but also can affect your fuel mileage.
Why do car batteries fail in cold weather?
on Wednesday, January 25 2017
At one time or another, we’ve all been there; in fact if you’re reading this article you probably ARE there! You go out to your car on a cold Bedford, PA. morning, turn the key… nothing, then you start thinking; “didn’t I replace the battery during winter a few years ago?” Which naturally leads to the question: Why do car batteries fail in cold weather?
Reasons we are thankful in 2016
on Saturday, December 10 2016
During this holiday season it is important to be reminded about the many things that Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service; providing quality used car sales, automotive repair and rental services to the Bedford, PA. area, has to be thankful for. Even as the end of the year continues to approach, we find ourselves echoing our thankfulness as we look back across 2016. Town Hill Auto Sales & Repair Service would like to express a few things, as we reflect on our trials and successes of 2016, that we find ourselves to be very thankful for:
Tips for getting your car ready for winter
on Friday, December 9 2016
As the temperature begins to get colder here in Bedford, PA. it is time to start thinking about making sure that your vehicle is ready for the colder weather. Cold weather seems to effect everything a little differently, your car is no different. Liquids such as antifreeze and oil behave differently as the temperatures begin to drop it is important to note a few useful tips to make sure that your car is ready for the harsh Bedford, PA. winters that we sometimes experience.
Tired of getting the run around when needing tires?
on Thursday, November 10 2016
I know, the puns are running wild today… But seriously, the mindset that the auto repair industry has put forward in the Bedford area are enough to drive you crazy. They have taught us that you need a quick oil change place, you get your tires from a tire store, you get your transmission serviced at a transmission repair shop, you get alignments done at a suspension shop… You need a Rolodex just to keep up with where to get your car worked on! Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford, PA is your one stop shop.
What do those oil numbers mean?
on Thursday, November 10 2016
Have you ever opened the hood and looked at the oil cap to see it says to use 5w30 and wonder what that meant? Or walked into the auto parts store to see dozens of oils and wondered.. which one should I choose? Believe it or not that is a very common question. The type of oil used in your vehicle is the lifeblood that circulates and protects your motor; so making sure that the right viscosity and type of oil used for your car in Bedford, PA. is a very important decision to make. Let’s look at some information to help you better understand what those numbers represent.
What do those numbers on my tires mean?
on Saturday, October 15 2016
If you've ever called in for a quote on tires they always want to know what the numbers on the side of your tires are, but have you ever wondered what those numbers mean? Check out this informative article that goes into detail about the information surrounding the size, type and use of the tires for your vehicle in Bedford, PA.
Adventures in Diagnostics
on Monday, September 26 2016
Over the years Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford, PA. has accumulated some "stories" of opportunities that we have experienced. Take a look at a few of our favorites:
Does Preventive Maintenance On My Car Really Save Money?
on Saturday, September 10 2016
Check out this article that provides information on the importance of preventative maintenance for your vehicle, not only to save money on every day expenses but to keep from dealing with expensive automotive repairs down the road.
Why is it more complicated to work on modern cars that it was before?
on Monday, August 15 2016
At Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford, PA. one of the most often asked questions that we get is “Why is it more complicated to work on modern cars that it was before?” While the simple answer is that technology has made improvements in all areas of the vehicle systems and components, that answer is not necessarily the best one.
We're Looking for a Master Auto Repair Technician
on Thursday, July 28 2016
Wanted: Master Auto Repair Technician Town Hill Auto Repair Service is known for setting the standard for superior workmanship for vehicle repairs in Bedford PA. We have earned this reputation for high standards by hiring the industry’s leading talent in automotive excellence. We are looking to add the right individual that can meet or exceed our standards for top quality auto repair service workmanship. Great Benefits Town Hill Auto Repair Service in Bedford PA offers competitive benefits such as: Health insurance allowance Paid holidays Paid Vacations Bonus program A fun BUSY work environment and MORE! We have open, ...
Remembering one of our own
on Monday, July 11 2016
On July 1st 2016 Town Hill Auto Repair Service was saddened to hear of the passing of our friend Max Howard. Max was the Lead Technician and Shop Foreman bringing with him skill developed from years in the automotive industry. As an ASE Certified Master Technician Max not only set the standard for his team but excelled in diagnostic abilities. Max loved to talk and working with our customers was the highlight of his day.
When should I change my oil?
on Friday, July 8 2016
With every owners manual saying something different it really does beg the question: When should I change my oil? At Town Hill Auto Repair Service Center we answer the question with this detailed article showing the reasons and info for you to make the best choice for the maintenance of your car.
Cooling System Service At Town Hill Auto Sales and Service
on Tuesday, April 26 2016
My experience at Townhill Auto Service Center Last week while I was out running errands in Bedford my temperature warning light came on, I was in total panic mode! I pulled over and my car was overheating.I called Townhill Auto Service Center in Bedford and spoke to Jill Young, the service advisor there, and she was able to work my car in. It didn’t take long for the service team to determine my water pump was leaking and needed to be replaced. Not really knowing a lot about what a water pump was… Jill took the ...
Is my cooling system really that important?
on Tuesday, April 26 2016
Are you aware of just how important your cooling system is? Coolant/antifreeze circulates around the engine, absorbs heat, and then dissipates that heat into the radiator. Cooling system failure can cause extensive engine damage. This article will deal with a couple of ways a well maintained cooling system can help prolong the life of your vehicle, and be sure to check with your auto repair professional at Town Hill Auto Service in Bedford for more info about your cooling system. Minor coolant leaks It’s very tempting to put off repairing small cooling system leaks. Topping off the ...
Town Hill Auto Sales and Service : Why Is My Check Engine Light On?
on Tuesday, April 26 2016
The Check Engine Light strikes fear into the hearts of some and is totally ignored by just as many. What it means is a mystery to most drivers. In this article we will be discussing what the check engine light means and how it works, if you would like more information about your check engine light be sure to check with your auto repair professional at Town Hill Auto Service in Bedford. Check engine light degrees If your vehicle's check engine light is flashing, that means that something is wrong that could cause severe damage to your engine. Naturally, If ...
We Test Batteries At Town Hill Auto Sales and Service In Bedford
on Tuesday, April 26 2016
Why does my battery wear out so fast? Modern vehicles have more electrical components and gizmo's than ever before. This puts a lot of strain on your electrical system, making it hard for the battery to keep up. Think about it: electric seats, seat heaters, power locks, windows and sun roofs; add to that all the power outlets for our cell phones, computers, DVD players, navigation systems and powerful stereos... whew. Plus there are all the vehicle engine and transmission computers, traction control, stability control, anti-lock brakes, sensors (getting the picture?). Even the security system is running off the battery ...
Simple Answers from Town Hill Auto Sales and Service for Bedford: Check Engine Light
on Tuesday, April 26 2016
Check engine light question:  My check engine light is on. My boyfriend believes that if he can read the code he will know exactly what part he needs to replace in order to fix my vehicle. I say it's not that simple. Who's right? Town Hill Auto Sales and Service's Answer: Good news – you are! Just look at it logically: there are hundreds of things that can go wrong with your vehicle. Some are simple and some are quite complicated.Let's take a step back. Over 80% of engine functions are computer controlled. The computer receives information from dozens ...
Why does the location of the water pump affect the repair cost?
on Monday, April 25 2016
My water pump went out and it cost me a lot more to replace it than ones I've had replaced on other cars. Max, my technician at Townhill Auto Service in Bedford, said it's because of where it's located. Why does that make such a significant difference in the cost? Town Hill Auto Sales and Service in Bedford's Answer: Some water pumps are driven by the serpentine belt and are bolted on out in the open with the alternator and air compressor. Replacing this type of pump is as simple as removing a couple of bolts and bolting a new ...
Simple Answers from Town Hill Auto Sales and Service for Bedford: Water Pump
on Monday, April 25 2016
Water Pump Question: I was driving on the freeway in PA when my vehicle engine started to get hot. I turned off my air conditioner and was able to drive the short distance to my meeting. After my meeting I drove my car the short distance to Townhill Auto Repair in Bedford. My technician informed me that that my water pump was leaking. It cost me many hundreds of dollars to get it fixed. What could I have done to avoid this? Town Hill Auto Sales and Service in Bedford's Answer: This guy's story really did have a happy ending. ...
Transfer Case Service
on Monday, April 25 2016
What is a transfer case? Most drivers don't know much about transfer cases; however, if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you've got one. This component is what ensures that you have power available for both the front and rear axles while you are driving around in the Bedford area.For example, if you have a rear-wheel drive SUV, power will only go to the rear wheels until you need 4-wheel drive. That's when the transfer case steps in and transfers some of the power to the front wheels as well. You might use a shift lever to go into 4...
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
on Monday, April 25 2016
All new cars and light trucks sold in Bedford, PA since 2008 have come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, or 'TPMS'. The TPMS system detects when a tire becomes under-inflated and lights up a warning light on the dash. So, my tires are a little under-inflated, what's the big deal? Well, under-inflated tires can be a real safety concern for in PA. Government regulations requiring TPMS systems aim to reduce accidents in PA and save lives: A very worthy goal. Under inflated tires don't handle properly and that can lead to an accident. Under-inflated tires can overheat and cause ...
Tire Rotation And Balancing
on Monday, April 25 2016
Vehicle tires last longer with regular tire rotation and wheel balancing. Tire rotation In normal driving around Bedford your front tires wear more on the shoulders because they handle much of the cornering forces in turns. Front-wheel drive vehicles have even more force on the front tires.The staff at Town Hill Auto Sales and Service in Bedford can rotate the tires, ensuring that all of the tires do some duty on the front end as well as getting a little break on the back end. That way, all four tires wear more evenly over their life and last longer....
The Tread Depth
on Monday, April 25 2016
The Tread Depth When talking about stopping power, we tend to focus on our brakes. But our tires are where the rubber meets the road. So having good brakes isn't enough: we have to have tires with enough traction to translate braking power into stopping power. Be sure to check with your auto repair professional at Town Hill Auto Service in Bedford for more info about your tires. Stopping in wet conditions Let's focus on stopping in wet conditions. In order for a tire to have good contact with the road, it has to move the water out of the ...
Timing Chain
on Monday, April 25 2016
What is a timing chain? As your engine runs, the intake valves need to open up to allow air into the engine. They remain closed while the air and fuel are being compressed and ignited, powering the piston. Then the exhaust valves open to release the exhaust. This all has to be timed very precisely. It is the job of the timing belt or timing chain to make sure all of this is synced up properly. Be sure to check with your auto repair professional at Town Hill Auto Service in Bedford for more info about your timing system. When ...
Simple Answers from Town Hill Auto Sales and Service for Bedford: Timing Belt Replacement
on Monday, April 25 2016
Timing Belt Question:  My friend had a broken timing belt and it was very expensive to repair his engine. What can I do to avoid a broken timing belt? Town Hill Auto Sales and Service's Answer:  Well, a broken timing belt can lead to one of the most expensive engine repairs Bedford drivers will ever face. The good news is that replacing your timing belt on its recommended schedule can help avoid those problems. What does a timing belt do? Air is drawn into the cylinder of the engine through the intake valves. After the air and fuel ...
Suspension Integrity
on Monday, April 25 2016
What does the suspension do? Today we're talking about suspension integrity. Your skeleton provides the structure to hold up your weight. Your joints cushion you as you walk and allow you to change direction. Your vehicle's suspension system is similar: It bears the weight of your vehicle, absorbs bumps in the road and controls the body as you steer. How does it wear down? Like the bones in your body, vehicle suspension parts are connected by joints that allow all the components to move as they should. Over time and miles, the joints start to wear and your suspension gets ...
Severe Driving In Bedford
on Monday, April 25 2016
Most Bedford motorists know that their owner's manuals have schedules for when to service your vehicle. What they may not know is that there are actually two service schedules: the regular schedule and the severe service schedule. The mileage and time intervals are lower on the severe service schedule. What qualifies my vehicle for severe service? When you hear “severe service”, you may think it doesn't apply to you because you don't feel your driving conditions are severe or extreme – it's just normal everyday driving around Bedford. At Town Hill Auto Sales and Service, our knowledgeable service ...
Guide To Synthetic Oil
on Monday, April 25 2016
Synthetic motor oil has been around for a long time in Bedford and more and more new cars are leaving factories with synthetic in their engines. But a lot of Bedford drivers don't really know much about it. What is the difference in conventional and synthetic motor oil? Let's start with conventional oil – the kind Bedford folks are used to. Conventional oil is made up of naturally occurring hydrocarbon chains, which means its molecules are long and have various lengths. Like a pile of pencils, some of them new and some of them used.Synthetic oil is man-made. Its ...
Use The Correct Fluids In Your Vehicle
on Monday, April 25 2016
There is more then one type of fluid? Advances in automotive technology have led to the development of high-tech fluids to keep pace. A simple example of this is the cooling system. For decades it was primarily made out of iron, steel and rubber hoses. There was one kind of coolant that protected these components from corrosion.Now cooling system components are made with various metal alloys and plastics. These materials require different additives to protect them from corrosion. Since the materials used vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, we now have a number of different kinds of coolant at Town ...



Better Service, Better Fuel Economy in Bedford
Better Service, Better Fuel Economy in Bedford
Better Service, Better Fuel Economy in Bedford
Better Service, Better Fuel Economy in Bedford